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How to rent a crane

We want your crane rental experience to be an easy and hassle free experience, but we need your help.  This how-to video and the information listed will make sure that you get the crane size that you need.  Providing better details and answering certain questions will save you time and money on your project.  (Click Video To Play)

past project galleries

This photo library contains some of our recent crane work in the St. Louis Metro Area.  If you wish to upload your own video or photos to promote your company on our site, please contact our office for details and how to upload.

Common Questions?

Do you charge by the crane size you send to the site?

No, often times you will receive a crane size larger than what you requested (or needed).  Our company only charges out the rental based upon the final weight load and distances that you require.

Does your company charge for drive time to the site?

Yes, we charge our cranes "port to port" from our yard site.  This is a requirement because our largest cost for operating the crane is the movement from one jobsite to another (diesel fuel, wear & tear, operator wages, etc.) 

Do you have insurance to cover an accident?

Absolutely.  We carry top rated insurance to protect you, your crew, and property to the fullest.  For more details or a certificate, please contact our office.  In certain situations, we may require a waiver to use personal property to setup the crane (driveway, yard, etc.)

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